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Flooring can help you create the right look and help with cleanup as well!

Floor Shield is outstanding on showroom floors.

When a customer enters your showroom, the flooring is as much on display as the items you're selling. Flooring is an often neglected part of your business's decor, and choosing the correct flooring for your showroom can elevate your brand. The beautiful color combo choices, durability, and low upkeep cost of Floor Shield polyaspartic coatings are ideal for your busy showroom floor.

Floors that are coated and protected with Floor Shield polyaspartic coatings can easily hold up to heavy pedestrian activity, vehicle traffic, food spills, and even harm from mild acids. No matter the amount of visitors your showroom sees, your Floor Shield polyaspartic floor will keep its like-new look for quite a long time, without fading, yellowing, scratching, chipping, or bubbling!

Showroom floors protected with Floor Shield polyaspartic coatings require minimal maintenance.  Without the need to wax, buff, or polish the floor, your business can save thousands of dollars on maintenance costs each year.  Your maintenance staff won't need to pull all-nighters, weekends, or summers hours just to keep your building's floors looking fresh and clean. All that's needed is a periodic dry sweep and wet mopping, saving you tons on energy and labor costs!

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4X More Durable Than Epoxies

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Resistant to

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Resists fading and yellowing

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State of the Art 100% Polyaspartic Coating System.

Superior Adhesion, Quick Drying

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