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Floor Shield Floor Coatings are superior to epoxy floors for locker rooms.

Floor Shield is the ideal floor coating for locker room and storage room floors.  A seamless, uniform locker room floor is easy to clean and keep clean.

Concrete floors soak up water, and tile grout collects hard-to-reach sweat and water, creating the perfect environment for bacteria growth.  A Floor Shield coating system repels water and is anything but difficult to clean.

Slips and falls are a constant hazard in a wet climate meant for showering and exposed feet.  Floor Shield anti-slip agents provide traction to help prevent falls.

Windowless, and therefor sunless, locker room spaces are typically dim and dark, preventing timely water evaporation. Floor Shield can lighten up and modernize a locker room with bright tones and a glossy sheen, all while creating a safer floor.

Bring your locker rooms into the 21st century with Floor Shield.

Locker Room flooring

4X More Durable Than Epoxies

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Resistant to

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Resists fading and yellowing

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State of the Art 100% Polyaspartic Coating System.

Superior Adhesion, Quick Drying

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