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Floor Shield Coatings has over 10 years experience installing residential and commercial floor coatings across the USA. 

Floor Shield offers a beautiful, seamless coating that transforms your garage, warehouse, basement, or patio floor. Our highly durable, 100% polyaspartic system is easy to maintain and is designed to last. Once applied, your Floor Shield polyaspartic floor will keep its like-new look for years - without fading, yellowing, scratching, chipping, or bubbling!

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Floor Shield is Spectacular On:

garage floor coating

Garage Floors

warehouse flooring


patio flooring coating


retail floor

Retail Floors

locker room flooring

Locker Rooms

basement flooring


high-end showroom flooring


storage facility floor

Storage Facilities

pool deck

Pool Decks

...and many more.

4X More Durable Than Epoxies

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Resistant to

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Resists fading and yellowing

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State of the Art 100% Polyaspartic Coating System.

Superior Adhesion, Quick Drying

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Floor Shield Flooring Solutions

commercial flooring

Commercial Concrete Coating

Our coatings require minimum maintenance and last an extremely long time. We can have your floors ready and back in action in less than a day, minimizing downtime.

garage flooring

Residential Concrete Coating

We can offer you a beautiful looking floor that will last for years that doesn't require you to spend time stripping and waxing a hard-surface floor.

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